New Pixel led WiFi display Controller


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pixel led wifi controller app

Pixel led Wifi display controller


ws2811 and ws2812 both pixelled work with this controller
  • Device Management Program on Android
  • Six scrolling text coloring effects
    • Set the color of text for the entire line
    • “Breath” – a smooth change in brightness
    • “Color” – smoothly changing the color of the entire text along the entire length of the line
    • “Rainbow” – the color gradient of the text along the length of the line
    • “Colored letters 1” – each letter of the text changes color when moving
    • “Colored letters 2” – each letter of the text has its own color
  • Effect settings can be changed from the program from a smartphone
  • Settings are saved in non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • The text string transferred to the device is stored in memory and restored after the device is turned on
  • Voice recognition for creeping text input
  • Network connection settings (SSID and password, static IP) are set in the program and stored in EEPROM
pixel led wifi display controller is available in different matrix size which is multiple of 8 starts 8×8 matrix size to 8×64 matrix size

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Weight 120 g

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